All You Must Know About Friesian Horses and Why You Should Get Them

01 May

Friesian horses have been bred originally in the Netherlands. For how many centuries, these horses have been shown to have come from the European war horses. This breed of horses was well known to be the one used to carry full-armored knights ready for a battle.

When it comes to Friesian horses, they are mostly black in color and coat. There are, however, a small number of them that come in chestnut color. For the pure-bred Friesian horses, they come with a small forehead star while some have some white marks on them. Even so, those that will be registered as pure-bred Friesian horses are the ones that have a small white star in them or those that are really colored plain black. Based on registration requirements, Friesian horses that come with many white streaks are not pure bred in comparison to those that really come in all black coats.

Beside their signature all black coats, Friesian horse have lower legs that have feathered hair and a thick tail and a thick mane. Their legs are being characterized as having a feathered hair because it is not being cut and just left to gracefully feather. Having this kind of hair lets such horses achieve a more unique and appealing appearance.

Saddle work and harness work are the two kinds of purpose that most owners of Friesian horses make sure to use them for also because they are highly adaptable and strong creatures. They do harness work in the sense that they can serve as a carry device such as being hitched to a wagon or do some plowing for agricultural purposes. Today, they are also being used among horse riders during races and horse shows. With these good natured creatures, you can use them in any either way.

Though Friesian horses are well known for being part of Europe, you can now find a lot of places that make sure to put these Friesian horse for sale. Friesian horses for sale can just be found just about anywhere in any major horse breeding farm.

When you have plans to get your hands on your own Friesian horse from Friesian horses for sale, you will no doubt find a lot of breeding farms being advertised online using the internet. There are now online horse listings that give you the kind of horses that horse farms breed, where they are, and what other information you need to know about them. No matter where you are buying your Friesian horses, just be sure that you are dealing with the right people who sell them and not those who will just take advantage of you.

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